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Where it all began...



Our Story

Alnita Coulter and April Taylor

This is a partnership that started some 15 years ago. It was born over slow sips of steaming coffee as April and Alnita sat rocking in chairs on April’s screened-in porch in the early hours of the morning and conversations that easily drifted into the wee hours of the night. Across the fence, April and Alnita had a conversation about hoping to have a neighbor that you could actually borrow a cup of sugar from. That conversation produced a much-needed cup of sugar for Alnita, but more importantly it was the beginning of a dear friendship where we affectionately referred to each other as Sisters from Another Mister.

Strange but you can say this company was North Carolina born. The initial seeds were planted in fertile NC soil after Alnita moved from DC with her three Babies. With Alnita’s three and April’s five living side-by-side, life was always interesting.

Our Babies grew up as they drifted in and out of rooms that we filled with discussions about life and business ideas. We both moved to different places, but every now and again we would meet up and discuss new business possibilities.

April’s breadth of technical knowledge gave new legs to the plans that we all came up with over the next several years, and we had planning sessions about some of the bigger ones that struck us all.

However, it wasn’t until the moment when the world shut down in 2020 that we were able to breathe life into one our many business ideas. We realized that even as we were preparing to do our first book that we didn’t have a company name. The name “A Bright Spot Of Ink” was casually tossed out as a possible suggestion from Alnita’s Daughter, Sierra. After some brief discussion, we shortened it, and Bright Spot Ink was born.

We hope that as you experience our products that the warm, old-fashioned feeling of being able to borrow a cup of sugar or having heart-warming conversations with a dear friend fills your heart with a smile. Come on in and sit with us awhile.